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EUSTAR SSC online course​​

The EULAR Online Course on Systemic Sclerosis consists of 10 modules dealing with physiopathology, clinical aspects and management of this complex disease.

All modules, developed and written by EUSTAR, differ from the main EULAR Online Course, finishing with a final exam and, upon passing, with a EULAR certificate. If the course is not completed or the exam failed after the first year, the course will automatically extend for one more year without charge.

EULAR textbook on Systemic Sclerosis

Based on the EULAR online course, the EULAR textbook on Systemic Sclerosis was published in 2013. The content of the EULAR Textbook on Systemic Sclerosis is based on the EULAR On-line course on Systemic Sclerosis. For participants of this course we offer the book for a reduced price of EUR 50. For additional information please follow the link: