The EULAR Online Course on Rheumatic Diseases is an electronic form of continuous medical education in rheumatology. The course is managed by a scientific course committee responsible for controlling the structure and content of the course and for ensuring regular quality control and advancement.

The full version of the course covers the entire field of rheumatology and consists of 50 illustrated modules (of which some are optional), each one covering a specific topic. Each module corresponds to approximately 5 – 8 hours of study for the student, totaling around 210 – 336 hours of educational training. The total number of modules to be completed is 42.

EULAR SSc online
Module List
EULAR textbook on Systemic Sclerosis

Based on the EULAR online course, the EULAR textbook on Systemic Sclerosis was published in 2013. The content of the EULAR Textbook on Systemic Sclerosis is based on the EULAR On-line course on Systemic Sclerosis. For participants of this course we offer the book for a reduced price of EUR 50. For additional information please follow the link