Affiliation to EUSTAR is open to all centers devoted to the care and study of systemic sclerosis (SSc). Requirement for center affiliation is the capacity to care for SSc patients according to the EUSTAR minimal clinical requirements.

To become a EUSTAR Affiliated Center: Fill out the application form electronically, which will automatically be submitted to the EUSTAR Secretariat. In return, you will receive by e-mail the access information for the project MEDS online (online database for the collection of the Minimal Essential Data Set, the longitudinal anonymized collection of essential clinical data of your SSc patients) along with all necessary information to become a EUSTAR Member.

An affiliated center may become a EUSTAR Active Member when this center actively contributes to the MEDS online. For this reason, it is necessary that the centers received ethical permission from their local Ethics Committee. After an individual center has received Ethics Committee approval, the respective documents have to be sent to the EUSTAR Secretariat ( in order to receive an individual Unique Center Number, an individual password and the details for entering MEDS data into the data base online.

In order to become an EUSTAR centre and/or receive more information, fill out the form.


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