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The election of the new Eustar board took place at the last business meeting during the 2022 EULAR congress in Copenhagen. In agreement with WSF and according to the principles of gender equality, the board will be referred to as execute office and the extended board as “EUSTAR board”. The positions of the chairman will be referred to as President and the position of the executive secretary will be referred to as Vice-President.



Francesco Del Galdo, Leeds, UK


Madelon Vonk, Nijmegen, Netherlands


Marie-Elise Truchetet, Bordeaux, France


Corrado Campochiaro, Milan, Italy. Newsletters coordinator

Michael Hughes, Manchester, UK. Clinical Studies coordinator

Maria Grazia Lazzaroni, Brescia, Italy. Young Investigators Group coordinator

Tânia Santiago, Coimbra, Portugal. Website coordinator


The new board has received the handover from the previous one.

« We are committed to our best to serve the whole community and we will soon be  welcoming any ideas and suggestions through a new “Eustar member area blog” within the website. »

You can find more details about the whole board on the Eustar website.



In our recent meetings, we have agreed on a number of goals we want to achieve for the benefit of the whole EUSTAR community

a.     Website renovation: we aim to update the whole Website to make it more user-friendly with new sections available

b.     EUSTAR centres: we are updating the details from all EUSTAR centres. See below

c.     EUSTAR platinum project: identification of  centres of excellence within the EUSTAR group with available biosamples

d.     Change in database platform: we have to change our online database. Quotations for new database platforms are ongoing and we will update you soon

e.     Increasing the research power of the EUSTAR community: collaboration with SCTC will be increased, we will support the implementation of international research fellowships, training programs and education events. We aim to identify excellence centres to host young investigators and nurture our future leaders.

f.      Support the implementation of scholarship and mentorship programs in geographically under-represented areas in Scleroderma research.

g.     Visibility of EUSTAR projects: we aim to have a more frequent update on ongoing or yet-to-be-approved EUSTAR projects   

h.     Renovation and greater visibility of the Young Investigator Group

i.     Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) post approval study: we will update you in full details as soon as the contract will be finalized


One of our aim is to give a greater visibility to our Young Investigator Group. We will soon launch a call for updating the details of current members and for the applications of new members. The major activities will be:

Clinical science (Journal Club)

Basic science (Journal Club)

Congresses and education: prepare material before and after congresses; share information about courses and congresses and grants possibilities.

We are aiming at  organizing online educational events for YIs  with senior SSc experts.

Social media and events: prepare contents for the Twitter account by communicating with the other groups, periodically update members list and call for new members, organize meetings-social events during the congresses.

Election of 4 new leaders: JC clinical, JC basic, social media and events and congresses and education will come soon! Stay tuned!

For joining our EUSTAR YIG community please send an email to:


The Lancet Summit: Sex and gender in rheumatology will be held Online (September 22-23, 2022) and On-Demand. There will be exciting talks by some members of our community. If you wish to register:

We hope you will join us at the next ACR meeting where we will hold our next EUSTAR meeting!!!
Follow us on Twitter: @EUSTAR_org


a.     So far, in 2022 we have published 6 papers from the Eustar collaboration. Thank you to all for using the database for projects and the wonderful publications.

b.     A first paper by the EUSTAR Young Investigator Group has been published!

c.     A review on COVID-19 and SSc has been published in the August issue of Lancet Rheumatology.

d.     The juvenile SSc inception cohort/EUSTAR data got accepted for the German national Rheumatology and the European Rheumatology meeting.

e.    Please apply for projects using the unique database, by sending the project description ( and send per mail to Mike:


All centres should have received an email to update their contacts. THIS IS CRUCIAL AS ONLY CENTRES WHICH RESPOND TO THIS SURVEY   WILL HAVE THEIR INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THE NEW WEBSITE LAYOUT. If you experience any issue please contact:
Tânia Santiago at


We want to thank you all for the trust you have placed in us. We are committed to our mission and we believe these are really exciting times for the whole EUSTAR community. We wish you had all a nice summer!
Francesco, Madelon, Marie-Elise, Corrado, Mike,  Maria Grazia, and Tânia

European Scleroderma Trials & Resarch Group

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