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The EUSTAR educational course on systemic sclerosis took place in Katowice (Poland) from Thursday, February 26th to Sunday March 1st, 2015. Chair of the course: Prof. Eugene J Kucharz. Please find below the online material.      

 Available sections are in bold and blue letters.

Introductory lecture

Eugene Kucharz

State of the art of SSc pathogenesis

Oliver Distler

State of the art in clinical science in SSc

Laslo Czirjak

VEDOSS - a new way to thinking about SSc

Marco Matucci Cerinic

ACR/EULAR classification criteria

Frank van den Hoogen

Peripheral vasculopathy in SSc

Ariane Herrick

Differential diagnosis of SSc-PH

Chris Denton

SSc patient with chest pain

Serena Vettori

SSc patient with syncope

Alessandra Vacca

SSc-related GI involvement

Yannick Allanore

MEDS on line/VEDOSS - How to fill in - practical aspects

Jerome Avouac

SSc patient with hypertension

Serena Giuducci

SSc patient with anemia

Otylia Kowal-Bielecka

SSc patients with general deterioration of health

Nicolas Hunzelmann

Practical methods of assessment of muscle involvement in SSc

Britta Maurer/Lesley Ann Saketkoo

SSc patient with dyspnea

Uli Walker

SSc patient with joint pain

Christian Beyer

SSc patient with muscle pain/weakness

Britta Maurer

How to perform skin scoring - presentation

Laslo Czirjak/E Kucharz/task force

Capillaroscopy in SSc: role form early diagnosis up to practical issues

Maurizio Cutolo, Vanessa Smith

Sonography assessment of skin, joints and lung involvement in SSc

Nemanja Damjanov


Ulf Mueller-Ladner

Differential diagnosis of SSc

Lidia Rudnicka

New therapies for SSc

Chris Denton
















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