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EUSTAR Clinical Projects (EUCP)

Sept-Oct 2010

Project ID Project Title Principal Investigator EUSTAR center
CP1 Evaluation of SSc patients with minimal skin sclerosis G Riemekasten Berlin UCN015
CP2 Effect of vasoactive therapies on fibrosis and inflammation in systemic sclerosis G Riemekasten Berlin UCN015
CP5 Clinical prediction of complications and 5 years survival in early SSc J Franzen (formerly F van den Hoogen) Njimegen UCN054
CP6 Juvenile systemic sclerosis I Foeldvari Hamburg UCN064
CP7 Geographical variations:USA vs European patients in EUSTAR database C Derk Philadelphia (T Jefferson Uni) UCN ?
CP8 Differences in clinical findings of early SSc patients with limited and diffuse disease P Carreras Madrid UCN023
CP12 Barret's esophagus Y Allanore Paris UCN 017
CP13 Articular involvement J Avouac Paris UCN 017
CP14 Efficacy and safety of biologics O Distler Zürich UCN006
CP15 Organ transplantation D Farge Paris UCN035
CP16 Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis J Kay/U Walker ?
CP17 Pregnancy and systemic sclerosis M Oestensen ?
CP18 Digital ulcers U Walker Basel UCN002
CP19 SHAQ validation F van den Hoogen Njimegen UCN054
CP20 Double autoantibody(ACA/Scl70) positive U Walker Basel UCN002
CP21 Erectile dysfunction U Walker Basel UCN002